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Successfully certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 50001

Our energy Management System has been successfully certified since November 2016.
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Shortening Clutch
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Flat Connector
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Dates of training programmes 2017

Based on the strong demand JDT now offers its in-house training "Qualified Person (specialist) for chain / -accessories" also to its international clients in English.

Training session 2017 (german):
19.01.2017 - booked out
27.04.2017 - booked out
06.07.2017 - booked out

Our training sessions at JDT give the participants solid knowledge of the correct way to handle lifting equipment
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Exhibitions 2018

Information about our exhibitions 2018 will follow.



New Certification ISO 9001:2008 successful completed 06-08-2012.

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Experience gained in the operation of the biggest mining chain worldwide – 60mm F-Class-Chain

60mm F-Class chain (3D and overview)

After introducing the F-Class-Chain in all sizes from 22mm up to 48mm to the worldwide mining industry JDT was asked in 2010 to produce a 60mm chain for a new project at Shenhua Group in China.

For very high coal seams (up to 20m) the Chinese miners developed 7m high hydraulic support together with Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group. The SL1000/7m ultra heavy duty shearer was supplied by Eickhoff and the ultra-heavy duty scraper conveyor PF6H-1542 by CAT (formerly Bucyrus). The conveyor’s power was 3 x 1600kW.
JDT delivered the AFC-chain because the company wasthe sole chain manufacturer able to provide a chain with a breaking force of more than 4500kN (a 48mm Combi-chain breaks at 2900kN…) having a maximum vertical height of 135mm and a weight per meter less than 67kg.

The main additional advantages of using this chain were 7 years of experience with this type of chain worldwide and of course the patented “Short Studs” preventing nearly 100% kinking in slack chain situations, or the “diving in” of the trailing vertical link into the flight bar gap.

The 60mm F-Class-Chain with its double-pitch size of 181mm (vertical) and 197mm (horizontal link) is also available in HO-quality. This means, the standard material is additionally alloyed with tungsten, which increases the breaking strength up to 5000kN and the toughness from 60J (standard) to 85J, which both could give increased safety factor as well as increased safety against shock loads, corrosion and abrasion.
While sprockets and flight bars were to be newly designed (but according to all other standard supplementary fitting to a standard round link) connectors with breaking load of 5000kN were successfully tested and available.

JDT wins patent infringement proceedings against Thiele. JDT will continue to obtain patent protection for their innovative chain concepts
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Shendong’s 60mm used F-Class chain

Beginning of March 2011 the system started at Mine Bulianta at face 22304 (face length 293m , seam length 4996m) of Shendong Coal Group Corporation Limited and achieved great success.
Day records of 52.000 tons and month records of 1.400.000 tons are only two examples of this successful application.
The 60mm F-Class-Chain was operated until August 2012 without breaking with a total mining amount of 12.470.000 tons. In October the chain was turned 180° degrees and reassembled for the next face (elongation due to abrasion was only about 2.4%).

42mm up to 60mm F-Class chain

This system increased the output compared with a 6.3m high system more than 10%.
This lead to the second application which started in January 2012 at Shangwan Mine on face 12105 (face length 300m, seam length 3196m)mining about 9.000.000 up to November 2012.
Today the fourth conveyor with a 60mm F-Class-Chain is under construction.

Parallel to these “monster”-applications JDT sold several 56mm F-Class-Chains (breaking strength up to 4300kN and vertical height of 131mm) with outstanding results and is discussing 52mm F-Class-Chains (breaking strength up to 3700kN and vertical height of 127mm – same as standard 48mm Combi-Chain) in the US and Australia.
Let’s work on the next, bigger, size …

JDT: authorised economic operator (AEO)

With effect from April 04th 2012, J.D. Theile GmbH & Co. KG go awarded as "AEO" with status "AEO C" (Automated Economic Operator).
The owner of this certification has the mark to be of quality, safety and trustworthy. The increasing globalization and the changing international security situation prompted the world to create a framework fo a modern and effective risk management in customs administrations.
We are pleased to show our bisiness partners with this certification, that JDT not only stands for quality, sovereignty, security and confidence, but also our international business activities always fulfill the specific requirements of the customs administrations.

New Mining Chain - Catalogue

Please note our new Mining Chain Catalogue.
Online and for download.

JDT 3D-data for download now at TraceParts

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