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ENORM - high strength and high toughness

The advantages of the steel used by JDT in comparison to the standard steels according to the DIN 17115 is in its high strength combined with simultaneously high toughness. Beyond the requirements of the PAS 1061 ENORM chain fulfills additionally the temperature resistance specifications of the EN 818 - grade 8.Acccording to PAS 1061 the working load limit (WLL) of the chains at the high temperatures (from +300° C to max. allowed +380° C) should be redu-ced down to 60 %.

ENORM chains can work at even higher temperatures (from +300° C to max. allowed +400° C) and the WLL should be reduced only down to 75 % as stated in EN 818.

Once the ENORM chain has cooled down to room temperature it can be again used to 100 %. The additional coding in order to determine the withdrawal from service is not necessary for the ENORM sling chain.

This figure shows the dependency of steel strength from the tempering temperature.
The higher is the toughness, the lower is the susceptibility to notch impact.
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