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Quality management and Standards

Quality must meet the highest requirements. Our quality standards are therefore geared towards our customers’ expectations and ideas. The result is a quality management system that has been consistently lived for years, and which was certified in accordance with ISO 9001 as early as 1994.

Thanks to its long-standing experience, JDT is able to collaborate in the standardisation committee for round steel chains (NRK).
This standardisation committee is responsible for the national (DIN), European (CEN) and international standardisation (ISO) in respect of round steel chains (round steel chains for general purposes, slinging gear, lifting chains, conveyor chains, anti-skid chains and seizing chains) , including the accessories.
Among others, JDT has taken the lead on defining the requirements for high-strength chains of the grade 10 (PAS 1061).

In the mining standardisation committee (FABERG) JDT collaborates on specifying the worldwide acknowledged standard for mining chains (e.g. DIN 22255) and locks (e.g. DIN 22258).
In the iron and steel standardisation committee (FES) JDT incorporates its long-standing experience in respect of developing and using modern high-performance materials for standardising chain steels (DIN 17115).


Thanks to modern preventative quality assurance methods and tools, we avoid faults before they occur.

The JDT production quality is licensed and confirmed on an ongoing basis by our customers and by external acceptance organisations. In the industry sector in the case of slinging chains and accessories of goods class 8 and 10 (ENORM) by the worldwide recognised licensing of the trade association (BG). In addition, our high test criteria for a wide range of products are confirmed by approvals from the internationally recognized DEKRA testing institute with DEKRA Seal δ119.For slinging gear for offshore containers by way of a DNV license.

Certificates and approvals

We guarantee the proven and high JDT quality level through issued certificates and approvals:


Certified since February 1994


Type Approval according to 2.7-1 und 2.7-3 (Offshore Containers und Portable Offshore Units) since 1999

DIN EN ISO 50001

Certified since November 2016

DIN EN ISO 14001

Certified since Januar 2023


The H3-stamp was awarded to JDT as one of the first manufacturers of sling chains back in the 1960s. In 2008, the BG confirmed the high quality of grade 10 (ENORM) slings as part of an approval. As a consistent further development, Quality 12 (MAXNORM) was then certified with the D3 stamp in 2014 by the DGUV Test, Testing and Certification Body for Surface Technology and Slings, Department of Wood and Metal.


As the first manufacturer of slings, JDT was awarded the DEKRA Seal 119 for a wide range of products. The use of the seal reflects the conformity of JDT products with the high requirements of existing national and international standards. DEKRA as an internationally recognized testing institute and the associated high testing criteria once again underline JDT's quality awareness and responsibility towards our customers.