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Energy policies

The energy management system (EnMS) deals with and governs an environmentally relevant area of JDT. It makes a contribution to the environmental protection measures within the scope of the company's environmental management system (UMS). As an environmental and energy team, a cross disciplinary working group is responsible for the topic of building up and maintaining the EnMS and EMS.

In order to guarantee a continual improvement of the EnMS and the energy efficiency of the company, we are firmly convinced that a sustainable business is the basis for the lasting success of our company. In connection with this sustainability explicitly refers to the careful and conscious use of resources and energy consumption.

The aim of EnMS should be to present the types and flows of energy in a transparent manner, reduce our energy consumption in the long term and to increase our energy efficiency through an improvement process (CIP).

The EnMS was successfully introduced within the company in 2013. Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 was successfully carried out in November 2016.

The EnMS will help to achieve these goals. We will ensure that the requirements contained therein will be implemented at JDT in compliance with the standard and that the processes within the EnMS are continuously improved.

In addition, we undertake to comply with applicable legal and other energy efficiency requirements within the scope of our EnMS.

Within the environment/energy teams, all necessary requirements will be implemented that continuously improve processes within the EnMS. Furthermore, as strategic goals, we will regularly check that:

  • the necessary financial and structural conditions are ensured;
  • energy awareness and the personal contribution of staff is strengthened and promoted;
  • relevant legal obligations and other requirements are taken into account;
  • energy aspects/energy data are measured, checked, documented and exchanged through the regular exchange of information;
  • programs for increasing energy efficiency are introduced well and carried out;

With regard to the different forms of energy used at J. D. Theile GmbH & Co. KG (electricity, gases, compressed air, fuels) we shall:

  • internally assess the most energy intensive plant and regularly check processes with regard to possible potentials for making savings and check the use of alternative technologies
    This applies to new, modified or renovated plant/sites, facilities, systems and processes that use energy.

Our energy policies provide the framework for defining and evaluating energy-related objectives and the resulting action plans. JDT's management shall ensure that the resources and information that is necessary to set up and maintain the EnMS are provided in an appropriate manner.

Under the EnMS, we commit ourselves to defining energy efficiency criteria for the procurement of energy services, systems, facilities, plant and energy and communicating them to our suppliers and partners.

We plan strategically and operationally, set ourselves goals and control the task of goal achievement. We act in the case of deviations and recognise potential for improvement. Fulfilling applicable legal requirements in the field of the environment and energy and ensuring them through a continuous process of improvement is a part of our corporate culture as well as our commitment.

The staff are an integral part of what we do. We oblige all employees to actively participate in environmental protection and the saving of energy. We support them through education and training, ensure an open working environment and operate an active suggestion system.

As in the past, the topics of "Energy" and the "Environment" will be our constant companion over the next few years and will be absorbed into the EMS. Its success depends on the participation of each individual member of staff.