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By integrating industrial robots into its own production, JDT has been optimizing the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of its own manufacturing processes for more than 15 years. Based on the conviction that it can also open up great savings potentials for other companies, the JDT robotics business area implements automation systems quickly and easily - always accompanied by the particularly customer-oriented JDT services.

Whether you are a robot novice or already a robot user - take the path of robot-based automation with JDT. In partnership with leading global robot manufacturers, we offer our expertise as a system integrator. We accompany and advise you from the system conception to the realization of the system to optimize your processes.

In addition, our experience is also available to you for the service area of new as well as existing systems. In order to realize the best possible automation solution, we are constantly in close dialog with our clients from conception to commissioning.

Industry Robotics

Automation has long since found its application in many manufacturing sectors.

It is almost incontrovertible that the degree of automation ensures and

and increases competitiveness. However, even robotic automation is subject to continuous improvement to maintain the labor-saving and economic benefits.

As a manufacturer and user of our own manufacturing processes, we have constantly sought new applications for the use of industrial robots as well as optimized already installed robotic applications.

JDT robotics is a manufacturer-independent system integrator and supports you in the automation of your processes. For more than 15 years JDT robotics has been providing customers with robot systems and automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In the meantime, with the Standard Robot Cell, the Special Robot Application and the Flexible Robot Cell, our automation solutions have become so sophisticated that we are now able to quickly implement optimal and economical automation systems for any application.

To make it easy for robot beginners, we accompany our customers from consulting to planning to commissioning in the realization of their own automation solutions.

Please contact us and together we will identify possibilities and potentials to make your processes even more economical and competitive.

Collaborating robots

Universally usable

Universally applicable

collaborative lightweight robots

In the field of automation, collaborative lightweight robots from UR, also known as cobots, automate standard industrial processes. The robotic arms are highly flexible, as they have six axes of motion that can track the movements of the human arm. They come in four different designs and sizes for different payloads. The UR robots can be easily integrated into an existing production environment and are also a worthwhile purchase for applications in small and medium-sized companies.

The industrial robots are used in these industries, for example: Automotive and accessories, electronics, metalworking, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For example, a UR robot arm can make the entire production process more efficient and optimize it during bonding and assembly, machine loading, palletizing and packaging, pick-and-place, and quality inspection, among others.

Thanks to their patented safety technology, the cobots can be used directly next to humans without a protective enclosure after a successfully completed risk assessment. An intuitive user interface enables users to quickly set up and program the robot. As a result, our cobots are ready for use within a few hours. Through the industry's largest ecosystem of certified peripherals and application kits (Universal Robots+), we enable operations to easily design applications with cobots to fit their needs.

Advantages of cobots

  • short payback time
  • simplify work processes; increase precision
  • high flexibility: easy programming, teach function, 6 axes, absolute encoder, safety features
  • user-friendly operation via touch panel - no expensive programming
  • easy service maintenance, because the robot is modular - no relubrication
  • free annual software updates
  • palletizing functions already integrated


Programming and connectivity

We support you in programming your robots. Programming of new products or new tasks for the robot are reasons for a new or reprogramming of your robot systems. We also support you in optimizing your existing robot applications. We perform cycle time analyses to subsequently optimize the productivity of your processes. For this purpose our programmers come to you to realize the projects together with you.

In addition to robot programming, our range of services includes feasibility studies and range investigations of the robots used as well as robot simulations.


Maximum reliability and minimum downtime of your robot are the prerequisites for trouble-free operation in your company. Ensuring this is the task and claim of JDT robotics. Regular maintenance and replacement of lubricants on your industrial robot will help you avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Despite all preventive measures, unforeseeable malfunctions or failures of automation systems can occur. This can have a wide variety of reasons and consequences. Here JDT robotics relies on flexibility and speed to assist you and your robot in such situations, regardless of whether it was supplied by JDT robotics. This service enables you to resume your production process quickly, automatically and smoothly.


As an additional service JDT robotics offers training for your employees. Only a professionally trained team can exploit the potential of your automation systems and thus make a significant contribution to the overall success of your company.
In addition to standardized training content, we also offer individual training content, specifically tailored to your needs.

FlexiBowl ®

The FlexiBowl® part feeding system provides part alignment and separation and integrates with any robot and vision system. FlexiBowl® is extremely versatile and can feed a wide range of parts, 1-250 mm in size and 1-250 g in weight, of any 

- geometry
- surface
- material

The complete elimination of costly special accessories and easy-to-program and intuitive control software enable fast and frequent product changes within a work shift. FlexiBowl® is a flexible part feeding system for automated production lines using collaborative or industrial robots. FlexiBowl® enables optimal management of part feeding so that the largest number of parts is always available for collection for each production cycle. Thanks to this system, the overall speed improves, productivity increases and setup time decreases.

FlexiBowl® performs a carefully designed sequence of operations to minimize empty run times. FlexiBowl® is the only circularly designed parts feeding system: The parts scattered by the hopper system on the FlexiBowl® surface are separated from each other by the combined rotating and vibrating motion. Once separated, the parts can be recognized by the vision system and the coordinates required for part removal can be transmitted to the robot. The available command set allows the parameters speed, acceleration and jogging frequency to be varied according to the product geometry in order to achieve an optimum result.

Camera technolgy

Cambrian Robotics' vision system is a vision system for collaborative and industrial robots. The artificial intelligence-based solution gives the robotic arm human-level capabilities for various manufacturing tasks such as pick-and-place, bin picking, cable insertion, and more.
Its advanced and proprietary AI enables it to quickly identify parts and pieces even in low and variable light conditions.

Automate more easily

Instruct your Cambrian-enabled robot with high-level commands like pick and place / insert / locate. Just like you would do with another human. No need to program the robot in Cartesian space or drag it around.

Automate faster

The AI can respond in dynamic environments, so you don't need custom fixtures or jigs to keep everything in a fixed place. If you need to change something in the robot cell, you don't need to reprogram anything because the AI can still locate your parts and adapt to changes.

Automate more

Robots with artificial intelligence can take on a wider range of tasks that previously couldn't be automated. Because you can program Cambrian's AI for a new task much faster and easier than with status quo methods, you can automate rapidly changing production.

Return on Investment

Using AI-driven robots in your production will give you competitive advantages and significantly reduce your costs.
Modeled after the human eye, the solution is equipped with two cameras that allow for more accurate identification of parts and workpieces. Thanks to its advanced software, Cambrian can not only perform in low and changing light conditions, but also find and select reflective and darker workpieces.


Grab technology

The optimal automation of a process is based on a well thought-out gripper concept and often this can be realized by using standard components. But even if there is no standard solution for you, our experienced engineers will design the optimum gripper for you.




Change systems 

The GRIP SHW is fast, simple and safe: Standardize the interface to your industrial robot or cobot - and connect and disconnect any tools within seconds. The SHW connector is a new development with optimized locking. The connector consists of a shear bolt that clamps the upper part and lower part. During locking, the lower part is tightened by the locking stroke. By additionally mounting a centering disk, the changing system is centered on the robot and/or tool side. Mounting is possible in the upper part (robot side) and lower part (tool side). 
The SHW160 Grip Base Connector enables the complete robot arm to be removed quickly and easily. For this purpose, the robot arm is screwed to a quick-connection system, which in turn is screwed to a table or cell.The advantage of the manual connection system is that you can use the robot in different cells without having to unscrew it each time. A simple lever is used to release the cobot from its current position and move it to the new position. This process takes only a few seconds.

Robot lift (7th axis)

- Robot lift with large stroke for a wide range of future-proof palletizing tasks for leading robots.
- Lift with high payload with minimal deflection, ensures precise positioning of boxes - even at high speeds.
- Robust design for reliable, long product life under all typical production conditions.
- Integrated safety features with TÜV-certified stop function facilitate collaborative use.


Special Mechanical Engineering

With the company Hidde GmbH & Co. KG, a joint ownership with the J. D. Theile GmbH & Co. KG a strong partner could be won. Since its foundation, the company has been engaged in special machine construction with a focus on automation technology.

From the feeding, over the manual work station up to the innovative assembly plant. The company Hidde realizes plants, which are tailored to the requirements and the production sites of the customers.

Hidde also supports customers in making the technical and economic decision for the appropriate level of automation: automated, semi-automated or manual.

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The company MAW GmbH could be won as another strong partner of the company J.D.Theile. MAW GmbH has specialised in the manufacture of special machines and components for over 20 years.

In Schwerte, MAW manufactures technical equipment and special solutions that are tailored to the individual wishes of the customers.

MAW is committed to satisfying customers with innovative and high-quality products every day.


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