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For years JDT lifting systems have been used in the construction of wind turbines. JDT has developed a variety of backing plate systems in order to handle the increasingly larger and as a consequence heavier tower segments.
The most recent development also includes a lashing point.

Anschlagsegment mit TPB / ENORM Montagesegment / Halteplatte mit TAPS

With the installation of our special attachment swivels THEIPA Point, handling in the area of the top tower segment is simplified to such an extent, that the time spent to set up the tower segment is shortened to a few minutes.
The new generation of attachment swivels THEIPA Point is available in models with a working load limitup to 50 t.

lift up a segment
Wirbel am Turmsegment

By using our created und previously patented material for sling chains and slings of the ENORM product group, the load bearing capacity could be increased significantly with the same nominal size and weight. Deflection rollers ensure an even spread of the forces in the individual chain legs.

Chain systems are in use with nominal sizes of 18 mm and 22 mm. The next generation (26 mm) is also available. This ENORM chain has a working load limit of 26.5 t per single leg.

We are happy to offer advice on issues relating planning and development as well as to find appropriate and individual concepts to suit your project.

ENORM Halteplatten am Turmsegment

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